Noises Off

Funny thing, I thought that I would have an easier time writing here once I was busy–that is, once I had something to write about. But it turns out that being busy has had the exact opposite effect. Now that I have things to do outside my house all the time, I find that this blog has been sadly neglected.

As an experiment in motivation, I’m not sure how successful this has been. I think I am just not cut out to do something like this on a regular basis (it’s probably a good thing that I went into theatre, rather than writing). In any case, hello again! It’s been a while.

We’ve officially closed our first show of the season, Noises Off. I don’t get nearly as sentimental about show closings as I did in my first year or two at Denison, but I really will miss this show and its people a lot.  It was amazing how well this group worked together, and how little drama there was the entire time we were working on the show. Add to that the fact that the show itself was hilarious and never got old, and it was a really fantastic six weeks.  I went in to the theatre yesterday to grab something and the set was entirely gone, and the set for the next show already begun to load in. It made me sad–that place that we got to know so well over the past three weeks has ceased to exist, and everyone who worked on the show has scattered off back to their home bases.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the theatre is strange.  Everything you work on ends so fast. It seems like just get into a groove for a show: you know your cues, you have sort of a set ritual for what you do during the different acts. And then it’s over and you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. On to the next thing.

It’s even stranger in terms of building relationships with people. You spend weeks getting to know the people you’re working with, forming this tight-knit group complete with inside jokes and rituals (for Noises Off every day during the rehearsal and performance period was someone’s “day” where they would get loudly cheered at random intervals throughout the day). You work together all the time and go out for drinks after the show and have all this fun and then suddenly the show is over and the group breaks up, probably never to reconvene. And then you go find a new group and start the whole process over again. If you think about it too much it gets mildly depressing, but I just remind myself that with the theatre world being as small as it is, chances are I’ll run into these people in the most random places sometime in the future. So it’s not goodbye, only “see you later”.

And now I move on to my next project. Tom Jones starts soon, and I’ve started going to rehearsals for the apprentice ensemble project I’m helping with. It’s going to take some doing for anything to be as much fun as Noises Off, but I have high hopes. It’s going to be a great season.