Motivation Levels Critical

As evidenced by the increasing late-ness of these posts, motivation seems to be particularly thin on the ground lately…thin in the air…just generally pretty trim.

(Eddie Izzard, folks. Particularly this bit)

I don’t really have anything to blame this on this week. I Hate Hamlet is over. My show at the high school is over. Things haven’t really started revving up yet for Twelfth Night (although I do need to finish putting my book together and print out paperwork and other fun pre-production things).

Apart from work, I’m the most un-busy I’ve been in a while. Not that I don’t have things I should be doing–I have to fill out paperwork for Louisville, and I’m trying to find an apartment, and work out a budget, and make a list of all the other things I have to do before I leave (including fun questions like “Do I need to get a Kentucky driver’s license?” God I hope not).

Maybe it’s because it’s End-Of-The-School-Year time and since all my big projects are finished my brain has decided it’s summer vacation, but I have had immense difficulty getting myself to do anything productive in the last week. I wonder how long it will take before my brain stops being programmed for School Time and Summer Time and starts being programmed for Adult Time. Actually what will probably happen, if my yearly schedule remains much as it was this year and will be next year, is that School Time will become Season Time and Summer Time will be Summer Stock Time, which is almost the same except Summer Stock Time isn’t vacation. Sad Day. This is one thing I like about my chosen career/lifestyle so far–there are distinct beginnings and ends to certain parts of the year that break up routine, so it’s not just one long expanse of Work.

On a semi-related note, thinking about moving and apartment hunting has made me realize how many Adult things I am still mainly ignorant of. I’ve never had to look for an apartment before because I went to a four-year residential college. I’ve never had to pay rent or utilities or do all those adult things that come with having an apartment. I have had to make budgets, but they were missing key Adult factors because a lot of the costs of living were built into school expenses. So this year will be a learning experience. I think I will do okay, but sometimes I feel a little behind in some ways in the whole Growing Up department. I guess a lot of people probably feel that way, and maybe I shouldn’t worry about it, but worrying is a thing for me, and so I do. It doesn’t help that I’m looking for housing in a place which is several thousand miles away from my current location. I feel like I would feel better about all this if I could go and look at the places instead of just trying to figure things out from promo pictures.

But I have time, and potential roommates, and prospects, so all will be well. I do sort of wish I could skip this part, but I guess this is part of Adulting–not getting to skip or sidestep the hard, annoying parts of life. This is good for me.

Yay adulthood!


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