The week in song

Here we are again. For such a long week, Sunday felt like it came around kind of quickly. I hate when weeks feel really long while they’re happening, but at the same time not long enough to finish everything you want to get done.

This week saw the beginning of the EVERYTHING HAPPENING AT ONCE time that always seems to begin around this time of year. We’re starting to get into build time for the musical and spring showcase at Leigh, I’m going into tech for my show this coming weekend, I’m starting preproduction stuff for my summer show, and we’re dealing with ALL the boxes at work between inventory transfers and new stock. Oh, and fellowship applications for next fall are due soon.

Most of this craziness will really start in the next few weeks, so it’s time to batten down the hatches, buckle down, and get some work done. And so here I sit typing a blog post. 😛

Anyway, the daily prompt today (I really love these things) was to tell how your week went by creating a playlist of five songs that represent it. So, without further ado, I present the week in song:

1. There’s No Business Like Show Business (Annie Get Your Gun)

There’s no business like show business like no business I know/Everything about it is appealing/Everything that traffic will allow/Nowhere can you get that happy feeling/When you are stealing that extra bow.

(What does it say about me that I just typed those lyrics from memory?)

This week was full of fun theatre-y things, especially at rehearsal, and especially considering the subject matter of the play we’re doing (it’s called I Hate Hamlet, but it’s not about hating Hamlet. Promise). We had fight rehearsals and our first full run off book and the set progressed by leaps and bounds this weekend. (I have pictures that I wanted to show you, but for some reason WordPress won’t upload them. Pout.)

We’ve all been having a ton of fun on this show. It’s a fairly ridiculous show, but it still has some depth to it, and it’s full of theatre in-jokes and there’s a sword fight. Put that together with the fact that we have a fantastic cast and crew (most if not all of whom have worked together before), and it’s just been a joyous process. It really feels like we are working as a team to create something that we all enjoy doing and are proud of, which is, I think, one of the most important things in theatre. One of the ways I’m gauging how good I feel about this show is that I’m actually looking forward to tech. I always like tech when things come together (and it doesn’t always come together), but I don’t always feel ready. For this show I feel ready. (knock on wood)

2. The Swordfight (The Princess Bride Soundtrack)

This is directly related to #1. I mentioned a sword fight in the show. It’s been fun to rehearse and choreograph, and it’s really come together in the last few days. This song comes in because we added a bit at the beginning that mimics the beginning of Inigo and Westley’s swordfight, where they trade a bit of tingting slash before they actually start fighting (here, watch the scene). And we’ve been playing the scene with the music while the boys rehearse. It’s been fun.

3. Missing You by Marissa Ortiz

Take one end of this long uncertain line/Tie it to your heart and I’ll tie one end to mine/Wander as I know you will/Through people lands and time/But when you feel it tugging/ Know that I’m missing you.

I miss my far-away friends. I didn’t really talk to them this week (partially because I *cough* didn’tturnonmyskypesorryguys). Also, the Today show had a segment on Jane Austen with an appearance from the Jane Austen Dancers (our 18th century dance group we went to when we were in Bath), bringing on a whole bunch of Bath nostalgia, and made me miss all my friends from abroad who I haven’t seen in far too long.

This song is one I don’t listen to often, even though I love it, because I know it will make me sad. It’s a whole bunch of memories rolled up into one song, and it perfectly expresses how I feel about all my friends across the country and the globe.

4. Gone to Fortingall by Jerry Douglas

This doesn’t have anything to do with events this week, really, it’s just a song that I’ve been listening to a lot, mostly because I’ve been obsessed with it (and the album it’s on, Traveler) ever since I heard it on Songza. I blame/thank my roommate emerita Allison for getting me into this sort of music, and I’m so glad she did, because it’s awesome.

Here, have a listen.

5. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) by Simon and Garfunkel

Again, this one is not so much reflective of the events of this week as perhaps, a hope for the attitude I can have toward everything that is happening right now.

Spring is appearing here (because here in California we try to have as little winter as possible), and there are flowers and sun and warm days and it’s glorious. And between all the rushing between work and Leigh and rehearsal, I didn’t get much chance to savor it this week. So I hope to “make the moment last” a bit more in the next few weeks. Even if it’s just rolling down my window on the way to work. Because soon summer will come and it will be hot. 😛


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