On the subject of titles

A few days ago the daily prompt from WordPress was to talk about your blog title and what it means to you. I figured now was as good a time as any to explain my title, especially for those of you who may be wondering whether I was just too lazy to think of a real title.

If you’ve been thinking that, then you might be partially right, but I felt I could justify it because…well, I have something of a history when it comes to brackets and [insert blank here]’s. Just ask my roommates. When I wrote papers in college, I got in the habit of just adding brackets whenever I was stuck on a certain section, so I could go on to the next and have a way to find all the places I needed to fix. So if my friends or roommates ever had the misfortune to read a first draft of one of my papers, it would be peppered with brackets saying [transition], [conclusion], or, on the really bad days [insert argument here]. And of course, at the top would almost always be [insert title here], because one of the things I hate most about writing is coming up with titles. It became kind of a running joke. So when I couldn’t think of a title for this blog, I thought that [Insert Title Here] would be an appropriate choice, and a fun inside joke for those of my friends who have been long acquainted with my bracket use.

[Insert witty joke, observation, and conclusion here.]

It’s a hard habit to break.


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