Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

And if you’re not singing that song in your head now, then you need to go and watch Cabaret immediately.

Sorry, my musical theatre nerd is showing.

Let’s try again.

Hello, and welcome to my shiny new blog.

As my About page states (or will state, since as of this post I haven’t actually written it yet), this blog is in part an effort to kick myself in the pants and actually get myself to stick to something for an entire year. A sort or month-late new year’s resolution, if you will. My hope is that by making myself update this blog once  a week for the rest of 2013 with a post about something (and literally, at this stage, it could be about anything), I will get better at motivating myself to do other, more important things.

See, I have discovered that, like many others (at least, I hope other people have this problem), I have tons of ambitious ideas and no follow-through. I want to do everything: travel to Europe, go hiking in the hills around my town, learn to make cheese, bake bread, cook on a regular basis, exercise more. I think about things like this all the time, and I even make plans to do some of it. But often, when it comes time to actually take a step towards doing any one of those things, my brain stalls, and I find myself watching yet another episode of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, because Darcy’s going to show up soon and I just want to get there okay???

If I happen to get past the thinking-about-it stage to the beginning-to-actually-do-it stage, the chances of my forgetting about it/giving up on it within a month are still pretty high–thus the half-finished scarf, half-finished novel, and many other abandoned projects currently cluttering up my room. Without a deadline and a teacher/employer waiting for me to actually deliver something, I’m rubbish at motivating myself to do all the things I would like to do.

So this is where the Internet and you, dear reader, come in.

My hope is that if I tell people that this blog exists, some few of them might look at it. Even if it’s only my mom or my best friend, that’s still one or two more people who expect something to appear here every week. And if it doesn’t, I have someone other than myself to rag on me about it–someone who won’t be so easily swayed by the usual lame excuses I give myself.

This also is a chance to keep my writing skills sharp, to express my thoughts about things in my life and in the world (mostly the latter, because at the moment my life is woefully uninteresting), and maybe give my friends a laugh or something to think about now and then.

So, that’s the plan, the goal, the hope, the dream.

One year. Fifty-two blog posts (at least). And the revitalization of one college graduate’s dying motivation.

Let’s do this.

Next Week: Stay tuned for a post with actual content.


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